Join us! Sponsorship

Sponsoring of the World Tour of Frozen Dreams is very attractive for various reasons:


Several trade delegations from China will visit Maastricht during the event. These delegations consist of representatives of Chinese governments as well as Chinese companies that follow in their wake. We expect delegations from Heilongjiang Province and its capital city Harbin as well as Sichuan Province and its capital city Chengdu to visit the event. There will be opportunities to meet with these delegations and there are even possibilities to request specific Chinese companies from specific business sectors to join the delegations. This in order to match the business interests of the sponsors.

many Direct consumer contact

We expect approximately 150,000 visitors to experience the event. This offers opportunities for both local players and major brands alike to directly promote themselves to the consumer. The event is

Set up as a location where sponsors and companies can organise B2C or B2B events. A number of different sponsor packages are available. Please contact us if you are interested to learn more or to indicate specific wishes concerning sponsoring that you may have.



In addition to the guided tours, there are also various other activities to do in the city